How does IT team extension ensure expertise?

IT team extension is the most renowned concept in the business world specifically in Tech related businesses. IT team extension also called IT staff augmentation which is truly an advantage for small and medium size companies with limited budgets and small in-house teams. IT extension teams having members with years of experience can truly leverage companies’ revenue. A staff augmentation in the IT industry can effectively address the specific needs of companies in distinct manners. So, you are at the right place if you want to know in detail about IT staff augmentation.

What is team extension

Team extension( staff augmentation) is a practice in which a business outsources a team with specific skills and expertise on a contract basis to supplement its existing workforce in a particular department. Staff augmentation is projected to emerge as one of the most favored strategies, driving the global growth market to a staggering value of $82 billion by 2025.

Many businesses prefer to go for a staff augmentation model along with their in-house team. Numerous staff augmentation services offering companies provide the team with expertise in their work, who are efficient and turn out to be assets for the company.

What is an IT team extension

IT staff augmentation (IT team extension) is one of the fastest-growing industries. IT staff augmentation is the hiring of an IT experts team from IT staff augmentation service providing companies on a contract basis for a limited period.

Companies can go for an IT staff augmentation model for various services like blockchain development, app development, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, etc.

IT team extension: need of today’s businesses

IT staff augmentation is found to be beneficial in every way possible. It enhances productivity as extending the IT team reduces the work burden from the shoulders of in – house team and with their previous work experiences they help businesses achieve specific targets in a given period.
Going for an IT staff augmentation option speeds up the development work of IT products and services, which helps to bring the product to market much earlier. While working with IT-augmented staff an in-house team gets a chance to learn from them and acquire an expertise skill set from them hence it will ultimately benefit the business.

IT team ensures expertise

Knowledge transfer and collaboration

The IT-augmented team brings work experience they have got from previous works, new perspectives as well as new technological advancements knowledge when they join the team. Their special skill sets add benefits to the work and leverage performance. The IT-augmented team and in-house team both work together sharing their learnings and overall ensuring expertise in their work.

Enhanced project efficiency

As IT-augmented staff are best in their respective skills and have years of experience in their work, it’s become easy for them to understand new project requirements and their insights. They can predict what will work out and what won’t with their experience resulting in bringing specific beneficial results for the company. They work much faster and drive the best results.

Access to cutting-edge technologies

Being aware of the latest tools and technologies and knowing how to use them efficiently both are two different things. IT staff augmentation allows a company to be updated with the latest tools and technologies, providing an opportunity to drive the best results for the company. Using cutting-edge technologies in projects can lead to exceptional and efficient results in work. Amidst the fast-paced and ever-evolving technology landscape, IT staff augmentation has become an essential requirement for numerous companies.

Focus on core competencies

IT staff augmentation permits a company to focus on its specific objectives and core competencies by taking technical responsibility for itself. There are challenging complex technical tasks that are handled by an extended IT team which helps in reducing work stress and lets the company drive expansion and innovation.

Challenges of IT Team extension

Engaging in staff augmentation, particularly when opting for IT staff augmentation, presents its own set of challenges. IT staff augmentation presents collaboration challenges between in-house teams and IT staff-augmented teams because of different work ethics, differences in working style, and different mindsets. Compared with an in-house team a company has less control and insight over the activities of an extended IT team. In such a case one needs to keep up to date with extended IT team activities and whether they are meeting the project timeline. Are they bringing the level of expertise they mentioned?

IT staff augmentation can bring the danger of dependency in work related to complex IT tasks or projects. In case an IT-augmented team is not available for work and also if a company is finding it difficult to go for another IT-augmented team then they might get in trouble completing their tasks and meeting specific objectives.



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